Below are the class options for the session running from October 12th through November 7th. Registration will open on September 28th at 8:00 am and will close at midnight on October 5th. 

         Please note-

    • All classes will meet via zoom
    • Some classes include physical supplies that will be mailed to you
    • Some classes meet twice per week (these classes are identified by italics)
    • The grade range will be listed in parentheses behind each class offering 
    • Prorated refunds are available until a class meets for the second time
    • To find out more information about a class, or to register, click on the name of the class
    • Need based scholarships are available. For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (The deadline to apply is October 1st)
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    • Class descriptions are available below the table

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     Time     Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday              Friday Saturday
8:00 am   Chess (1-8)        
 9:30 am                  

 Entrepreneurs Club (3-6)






 11:00 am                            


Money Matters (K-3)

Bulls & Bears (4-7)

Chess (1-8)






Cooking by iCook (K-6)

USTA Tennis Fitness & More! (1-7)             

 2:00 pm




Minecraft Modding: Mini Games (3-7)            


Minecraft Modding: Mini Games  (3-7)               

 3:00 pm

 Musical Theater  Song & Dance (3-6)

Kitchen Science: Cooking x STEAM (K-6)


Introduction to Spanish (3-6)                                         




Introduction to Spanish (3-6)           



 4:00 pm             

 USTA Tennis Fitness & More! (1-7)

Drawing 1: The power in a pencil   (3-6)

Shocking Science: the Virtual Science Club (K-6)

Kidz Keys (K-3)

You've Got a Friend In Me (K-2)

Game Show Vocab (4-6)                                  

Ultimate Magic - Blue Wand (2-6)

Chess (1-8)

Math 5-6 Essentials (5-6) 

Jr Structural Engineering (K-6)


Python: Intro     (3-7)                     

Kidz Keys (K-3)    

Math 3-4 Essentials (3-4)


Game Show Vocab (4-6)

Ultimate Magic - Blue Wand (2-6)

Math 5-6 Essentials (5-6)

Jr Structural Engineering       (K-6)                   



Python: Intro(3-7)

Math 3-4 Essentials (3-4)                       
 5:00 pm                     


Mudskippers Pottery   (3-9)

Guitar Club (2-8)

Chess (1-8)

Guitar Club (2-8)




Bulls & Bears (SPARK Business) - Learn how you can start investing at a young age in this live and fully interactive online program with SPARK! Pick your own $100,000 stock portfolio and trade stocks like Apple, Nike or Amazon with a cool investing simulation tool. This innovative experience empowers students with the tools and mindset to face future investment decisions with confidence and buy low, sell high! A solid foundation for successful future investors!

Chess (Silver Knights Enrichment) - Learn chess from a Silver Knights chess coach! State and national champions have come from our programs, but most of our students are just looking to have fun! Class time is split between lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies, depending on the student's skill level. Play time is structured to pair each student against an opponent of similar skill. All grades and skill levels are welcome. Silver Knights will supply all the equipment during chess club. Students will have the opportunity to play in tournaments

Cooking Classes by iCook (iCook) - Join us for a fully-immersive virtual cooking program for our young chefs. This fall, our chefs-in-training will learn how to make delicious and nutritious recipes using fresh and colorful ingredients. We will travel across the globe to learn about cuisine and traditions. We will learn about fresh herbs and spices and how they enhance the aroma and flavors of our dishes. We will master cooking safety, slicing, dicing, chopping, folding, baking, zesting, mixing, and more! iCook is where delicious meets nutritious!

Drawing 1: The power in a pencil (Clean Water Crafts) - The perfect beginner class for budding artists! There is so much power in a pencil! This four-week session is designed to introduce children to foundational drawing concepts. We will explore line, value, proportion, shape vs. form, and learn to use shading to bring life to our drawings. With these skills, children will gain the confidence to express themselves creatively for a lifetime! Students will have the opportunity to engage and share their creations.

Entrepreneurs Club (SPARK Business) - "If you like “Shark Tank,” this interactive online program is for you! Join other intrepid students and learn what it takes to launch your own business. students build self-confidence while developing business skills in strategy, marketing and finance. They select a business idea, learn to develop a business plan and make a pitch presentation on the last day. Students even create a real website and design their own business cards!"

Game Show Vocabulary (Novastar prep) - Has your student played more than their share of video and board games during recent months? It’s time to up the game with a true challenge: Game Show Vocabulary! Whether it’s buying a vowel or answering in a form of question, students will love the chance to team up and play in this lively class! What’s even more exciting is they will be building their vocabulary with every turn. The class focus includes context clue strategies, word part analysis and dictionary and thesaurus skills.

Guitar Club (FineArtsMatter) - Turn up the volume and rock out in our online group guitar class this semester! Guitar Club provides students the opportunity to grab a guitar and have fun playing music with friends. Each lesson has been specifically designed for beginner and intermediate students, and includes new and exciting songs each semester. Our encouraging and experienced teachers are ready to help your child develop their own musical ability, self-confidence, and creativity as they prepare for an exciting virtual final performance! Group instruction and individual attention provided in each class.

Introduction to Spanish (Novastar prep) - Games, stories and songs engage students and make learning Spanish lively and fun.This beginners’ class includes speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Students will enjoy learning greetings, numbers, colors, days of the week, weather terms and more.

Jr. Structural Engineering (Ascendly) - Towers, Bridges, and Castles with LEGO® Bricks A Jr. Structural Engineering Course. Become a junior builder and make amazing LEGO® creations! You will learn core structural engineering concepts while building cool creations like towers, bridges and castles. There are no instruction booklets in this class – you will use your imagination to build these structures while learning the engineering behind them. So while your buildings will look cool on the outside, they will be rock-solid on the inside, ready to withstand an onslaught from earthquakes, boulders, and even hurricanes.

KidzKeys (FineArtsMatter) - Soar into KidzKeys-Piano Club this semester and learn piano skills that will last a lifetime! The KidzKeys online group class provides students in K through 2nd Grade an environment to explore and express their own creativity - all while having fun learning with friends! Our experienced teachers work with students to develop their own musical abilities and promote self-confidence. Our Lessons are especially designed for students in K-2nd grade and will help your child master reading music through the use of colorful Chromanotes Notation and Kodaly Rhythms. Every session includes new and fun songs to learn!

Kitchen Science: Cooking x STEAM (iCook) - Join iCook After School for our Kitchen Science Series: Cooking x STEAM. In these Kitchen Science Series, we will allow kids to experience science in a new way: delicious, relatable and fun! Kids will connect their STEAM knowledge to everyday activities and events and, as a result, deepen their understanding of and interest in science. Our young scientists are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, experiment, explain their reasoning, read, write, create models, and, of course, have fun with science! We will explore chemical engineering, static electricity and more throughout fun kitchen experiments like making homemade butter, browning of apples, making ice cream and more.

Math 3-4 Essentials (Fairfax Collegiate) - This class is designed for 3rd and 4th grade students. Topics covered include Number Sense, Addition/Subtraction strategies, Multiplication/Division strategies, Fractions, and Decimals. Word problems are interspersed throughout the course as well. Students take a diagnostic assessment before the first day of class to help the instructor determine the optimal selection and pacing of topics for their needs. Students also take a post-assessment which instructors use to communicate student growth.

Math 5-6 Essentials (Fairfax Collegiate) - This class is designed for 5th and 6th grade students. Topics covered include fraction definition and conceptualization, improper fractions, LCM, fraction operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), decimal operations (rounding, multiplying, and dividing), ordering fractions and decimals, negative number operations, order of operations, and word problems. Students take a diagnostic assessment before the first day of class to help the instructor determine the optimal selection and pacing of topics for their needs. Students also take a post-assessment which instructors use to communicate student growth.

Minecraft Modding: Mini Games (Coding with Kids) - Take the next step in the Coder's Pathway and advance your modding skills in this advanced Minecraft Modding class! Students will create complex mods using advanced coding concepts, such as classes, event driven programming and arrays. * Prerequisites: Completion of an intermediate level Minecraft Modding course such as Minecraft Modding: Items OR Minecraft Modding: Mobs or intermediate experience with Minecraft Modding in Java- Minecraft Java Edition

Money Matters (SPARK Business) - "Earn, save, spend, donate! Let's learn about money! This innovative program provides a solid foundation on financial literacy for kids in a fully interactive online setting. Games and hands-on activities help students internalize key concepts (like money, budgeting and saving) in a fun and supportive environment fostering teamwork. This unique experience empowers students with the mindset to start making sound financial decisions and develop into responsible global citizens."

Mudskippers Pottery (Mudskippers) - Join us as we explore the exciting world of pottery! Each session, students will learn pottery techniques as they tackle new projects. Every assignment is inspired by famous artwork that is sure to spark your child's imagination. Come see why this tactile medium makes for a great escape! Items needed: Blank paper, Pencil, Dark Marker, Plastic knife/butter knife, Small paintbrush, Acrylic paints-gloss preferred (amazon link will be provided), Air Dry Clay (amazon link will be provided)

Musical Theater Song & Dance (Acting for Young People) - This program provides students with an opportunity to build and showcase musical theater skills in a fun, casual environment. Students will learn 3-4 songs in a variety of genres from today’s pop songs to the golden oldies. They will also learn simple choreography to go with each song. No prior singing or dancing experience is necessary. These classes are a great opportunity for getting up and moving, using the voice and body, and creating a community among fellow classmates.

Python: Multiplayer Games (Coding with Kids) - Basic knowledge of Python. Are you a fan of platformer games and want to learn how to make your own? In this Intermediate level Python course on the Coder's Pathway, students will create a different platformer game each week to learn the various coding skills and concepts involved in making platformers. Students will use Scratch to code progressively challenging games including recreations of classics like Mario Bros. and Kirby!

Shocking Science: the Virtual Science Club (Mad Science) - "In Shocking Science: the Virtual Science Club, your child will get to be a chemist, electrician, stunt pilot, and even magician! Children will investigate the basics of physics, and use their scientific minds to understand magic. Your children will be shocked by what they learn about electricity, blown away by their experiments with air pressure, and swept away by the excitement of water and waves!"

Ultimate Magic Academy - Blue Wand Class (Ultimate Magic Academy) - Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic. Learn how to move objects with your mind, go on a "Dino Dig" and operate a Time Machine just to name a few. In this course students will learn the different types of magic from dinner table tricks to big stage illusions, but more importantly they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important life skill to help build their confidence and communication skills. All materials shipped to your home prior to your child’s first experience. Over $75.00 worth of materials included in this course!

USTA Tennis Fitness & More! (USTA) - Come join the US Tennis Association to develop and hone your skills off the court, right from your home! Students will work on their fitness through tennis-relevant exercises, footwork drills, and shadow stroke training. Additionally, students will develop themselves mentally and socially using tennis as the vehicle to learn various STEAM concepts (e.g. math, science, art) and life skills (e.g. sportsmanship, resilience, managing emotions). Program is taught by USTA-trained and background checked coaches.

You've Got a Friend in Me (Brittany Oakley) - In this camp, kids will learn how to make new friends and how to be a great friend in person and virtually! We will discuss social skills and learn how to solve problems together. This class will take place on Zoom.




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