How will we work together?

Our services are designed to enhance and support the processes and procedures that you already have in place.

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Once you decide to partner with EM, we’ll meet with you to:
    • learn about your community.
    • discuss the type of program you have or want to create.
    • and explore all the options available to you in our Provider Network.
We’ll also reach out to any Providers you use who aren’t yet in our network and invite them to reap the benefits by joining us.
EM will:
    • provide a complete schedule for the year, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening when and can plan ahead.
    • recruit an On-Site Coordinator, if needed.
    • take the lead on coordinating the overall program for the year.
    • create a custom school enrichment website.
    • build the back-end tools needed to support your program.
You review and approve everything we create so you’re happy with the final products!
The EM team manages the program in partnership with your PTA by:
    • running online registration and payment.
    • staffing on-site program support, if you request it.
    • generating rosters and reports for you and the Providers.
    • fielding registration-related questions and refund requests.
Once the session is underway, we’ll check in with you periodically to make sure things are running smoothly. We’ll also send out an end-of-session survey to all the parents who participate, gathering and sharing their feedback on the overall program as well as the individual classes.