Who decides how many sessions, how many weeks, and which classes will be in our program?

We firmly believe that each community is unique, therefore each program must be unique to be successful. The Enrichment Coordinator and PTA/PTO at each school retain all decision-making about the design of their program. This includes how many sessions per year, how long those sessions last, the duration of the registration period, how many days per week classes are held, which classes and which Providers they wish to invite, and whether or not they want to use our optional On-Site Support Services.

Who sets the class fees?

Providers in our network retain full control over their class offerings. They decide the class fees, the minimum and maximum enrollment, the grade eligibility, whether to confirm a class below minimum, their space requirements, and all details about what classes they are offering each year. 

Can we still use our enrichment program as a fundraise if we partner with EM?

Absolutely! Many EM Member Schools continue to generate funds from their enrichment program by assessing a per class fee. Each PTA/PTO determines what that fee will be based on their fundraising goals and program participation levels.

How do you include parents who are not able to use an online registration system?

We recognize that every school community is different. That’s why the Enrichment Coordinator is so important. We will work with the Coordinator to understand the needs of the student population at your school, and to create a registration process that is equitable and accessible for all students. There are options available for supplementing the primary, online registration process to give access to any families who are unable to register online. In our experience, however, most schools have found that when switching to a centralized, one-stop online registration system, the vast majority of families are not only able to participate, but are grateful as well!

Do you offer on-site support? Do we have to use it?

EM offers optional On-Site Support Services, which each EM Member School may decide to use or not. If a school would like EM to staff an On-Site Coordinator for their program, EM will assess a per class fee that parents will pay for the additional service.

For how long are we obligated to use your service if we partner with EM?

We sign agreements with PTAs on an annual basis.

Can any Provider join the EM Provider Network just by asking?

We are always excited to meet and welcome new Providers into our network, especially when recommended or referred by a school. Our our evaluation process is comprised of a combination of interview and class observation. Providers must also submit requisite documentation such as background check certification and general liability insurance coverage.

What if I work with a Provider who is not currently in your network?

We love to meet new Providers based on recommendations from existing Coordinators! That is the best referral we can have. If we have not already talked with them,  we would reach out to your Provider and explain our services and benefits, giving them a chance to participate in the Provider Catalog, be marketed to other EM Member Schools, and enjoy the same level of service we give all our Providers. Of course, the choice is theirs as to whether or not they wish to participate and join the network.

If one of my current Providers does not want to join the EM Provider Network, can we still offer their classes as part of our enrichment program?

Unfortunately, no. If a school decides they want to use the services provided by EM, then the PTA agrees to have all Enrichment Providers work through EM. If there is a Provider who decides not to sign-on with EM, then the School would need to decide whether they would rather continue with that Provider or avail themselves of EM’s services and support.

We have a lot of teachers and parents who offer classes. Can they participate with EM?

Absolutely! We are happy to partner with any teacher or parent who wishes to offer enrichment classes to your community. County requirements differ by location, but we will be happy to discuss the appropriate options for your school’s program.

What happens if we have a problem or concern with a Provider during a session?

One of the things that makes EM different from other program support options is our partnership approach. The Providers in our Network are qualified, trusted Providers with whom we also develop strong partnerships. If there is ever a concern, EM can work alongside the Coordinator and Provider to determiner the most appropriate course of action, and resolve whatever issue may have arisen. We encourage direct communication between our  Enrichment Coordinators and Providers to efficiently and effectively address issues that may arise, and EM is always available to assist and intercede as needed to ensure continued smooth operations for everyone involved.

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