Showcase your organization and its classes in our Provider Catalog

Our Provider Catalog is a trusted resource for Enrichment Coordinators seeking reliable Providers who offer top-notch enrichment classes. For our Member Schools, it’s their one-stop-shop for selecting classes to offer in their programs. Inclusion in our Provider Catalog means that your organization has visibility 24/7 to your direct market. Coordinators from Member Schools and non-Member Schools alike always have an opportunity to learn about what makes your organization stand out from the rest.

Gain access to the growing number of EM Member Schools

Our Member Schools only use classes from Providers who are in our network. Join our group of screened, trusted Providers to be eligible to offer your classes to our Member schools throughout the DC Metro area. You retain the option of whether to accept or decline their invitation, but you can’t be invited if you aren’t in the network!

Receive direct payment for classes

Stop chasing down checks and focus on your passion for creating exciting learning opportunities. EM facilitates the registration process on your behalf and deposits your payment directly into your bank account. We provide easy-to-read session statements and payment tracking to make record-keeping a cinch, freeing up your time to focus on more important matters.

Reduce your administrative time

When it comes to enrichment, every area operates differently and every school in that area has their own policies and procedures. Who can keep it all straight? We can and we do, for you. When you partner with EM, we provide standardized contacts, procedures, processes and requirements to reduce your administrative time. Instead of tracking down multiple Enrichment Coordinators to submit copies the same information you only have to submit them one time… to us.

Receive valuable customer feedback

How do you know if you’re providing a quality learning program if you don’t ask? Feedback is critical to your program’s success. EM helps you to be responsive to your customers’ needs and feedback by providing you with independent survey results about your classes.

Solidify your business planning

Whether yours is a small business that is just starting out or a large organization operating in hundreds of schools, you must plan your resources and staffing. Year-round scheduling is a central component to our planning process. We conduct planning meetings with our Member Schools in the Spring, which means you will be able to anticipate expected income and expenses before school starts each year.

Capitalize on of professional development and networking opportunities

EM was created to be of benefit to the entire after school community, and we know that enrichment Providers are vital members of that community. We value the organizations that we partner with and want to see them succeed in every way.

Interested in working with Enrichment Matters?

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