“I can always rely on EM. Very timely response and easy to work with. You guys do a fabulous job and have made our job so much easier. Do not know if we could continue to do enrichment without you.”
Liz, Enrichment Coordinator
“I would recommend EM’s services because it allows the PTA to enhance enrichment offerings while alleviating our time commitment, energy & stress.”
Stacey, Enrichment Coordinator
75% of Coordinators reported a reduction in workload of 50% or more after partnering with EM
2015 EM Customer Satisfaction Survey
“I don’t know why any school wouldn’t use this service.”
Michele, PTA President
“Joining up with Enrichment Matters is such a smart idea! The transition was seamless. I am VERY, VERY happy with the communication from EM. If you provide after school enrichment, this is the place to be!”
Laurie Gilkenson, Provider, Crochet, Polymer Clay, Knitting, Musical Theater Enrichments
“Enrichment Matters saved the enrichment program at our school. The amount of work to organize Providers, register students, collect money, and pay Providers was overwhelming for even two Volunteer Coordinators. We now have a great website to communicate about classes and register students. Our parents couldn’t be happier!”
Helene, Enrichment Coordinator
“EM has made our enrichment program possible. We do not have the parent volunteers necessary to run an entire program ourselves. Having support, advice, and so many class offerings made it almost easy to offer this to our parents.”
Janet, PTA President
100% of EM Coordinators surveyed says EM meets or exceeds their expectations
2015 EM Customer Satisfaction Survey