• Enrichment Matters is excellent in providing support for vendors. They deliver thorough, detailed documents ensuring we have all the information we need for our instructors, and are responsive and speedy in their communication.

    Brittani Rudi, Owner, Message in Motion

  • The spreadsheet that EM provides is AMAZING! I can sort by class, day of the week, teacher, dissmissal to name a few. It is incredibly easy to use, intuitive and helpful in creating rosters for folks throughout the school.

    Crossfield Elementary PTO

  • We have been very happy working with EM and our Ambassador. She has been an invaluable resource and we appreciate everything she and EM do to help our program run smoothly!

    Waple Mill Elementary PTA

  • Joining up with Enrichment Matters is such a smart idea! The transition was seamless. I am VERY, VERY happy with the communication from EM. If you provide after school enrichment, this is the place to be!

    Laurie Gilkenson, Provider, Crochet, Polymer Clay, Knitting, Musical Theater Enrichments

  • We have chosen to partner with Enrichment Matters because they have cosistently demonstrated integrity, professionalism, and reliability.

    Steven Nossal, Owner, Fairfax Collegiate

  • EM is a huge help when it comes to finding classes and pre-approved vendors. Their large vendor directory is very comprehensive and makes planning the next year much easier.

    Fairfax Villa Elementary PTA

  • EM has made the registration process for our after school enrichment program easy and seamless. It has saved our busy volunteers countless hours and now makes the entire process less daunting and much more manageable.

    Cedar Lane Elementary PTA

  • Enrichment Matters is very easy to communicate with, and all our programs are always successful when we are in partnership!

    Brittani Rudi, Owner, Message in Motion




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