How will we work together?

Our services are designed to enhance and support the processes and procedures that you already have in place.

Engage Design Implement Evaluate
Once you decide to partner with EM, we’ll meet with you to:
  • learn about your community.
  • discuss the type of program you have or want to create.
  • and explore all the options available to you in our Provider Network.
We’ll also reach out to any Providers you use who aren’t yet in our network and invite them to reap the benefits by joining us.
EM will:
  • provide a complete schedule for the year, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening when and can plan ahead.
  • recruit an On-Site Coordinator, if needed.
  • take the lead on coordinating the overall program for the year.
  • create a custom school enrichment website.
  • build the back-end tools needed to support your program.
You review and approve everything we create so you’re happy with the final products!
The EM team manages the program in partnership with your PTA by:
  • running online registration and payment.
  • staffing on-site program support, if you request it.
  • generating rosters and reports for you and the Providers.
  • fielding registration-related questions and refund requests.
Once the session is underway, we’ll check in with you periodically to make sure things are running smoothly. We’ll also send out an end-of-session survey to all the parents who participate, gathering and sharing their feedback on the overall program as well as the individual classes.

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with EM!

Enrichment Matters Reduces Volunteer Hoursrelax hammock
Enrichment Coordinators continually report that they estimate their workload decreased by 50-75% after partnering with EM. Our Coordinators enjoy working with us so much, that most remain in their EC roles for 2-3 years, and sometimes longer! And when it eventually does come time for our veteran volunteers to graduate or move on, EM is there to ease the transition by providing a foundation on which to coach and train a new volunteer, significantly cutting their get-up-to-speed time!
Enrichment Matters Shares Best Practicesbest-practices
Reap the benefits of knowledge and experience from veteran Coordinators, other schools, and professional EM staff for your community. Get questions answered, seek guidance, and brainstorm solutions to issues that arise with like-minded volunteers and enrichment-focused professionals. Through online forums, in-person meetings, and email and phone support, help is never far away.
Enrichment Matters Lowers Your Riskrisk
Insulate your PTA/PTO from risk by removing the need for your organization to handle any of the funds associated with your enrichment program. EM collects all the payments, issues the refunds, processes transfers and disburses payments to the Providers. Our third-party status protects your organization from unnecessary fiduciary risk. And PTA/PTO Treasurers love us for taking work off their to-do lists!
Enrichment Matters Facilitates Communicationquestions
Parents, teachers, school staff, Providers - everyone has questions about your program. EM makes it easy to communicate. We provide a marketing plan for each session, complete with backpack flier and email templates to maximize impact. We generate reports and tools for organizing schedules, room assignments and Provider contact info. Parents receive automatic confirmation emails, and rosters are available at the click of a button. EM understands that effective communication is vital to the success  of every program, and puts tools and resources in place to ensure it happens.
Enrichment Matters Leaves You in ChargeDecision
In our partnership model, control and design of the program stays where it belongs - in the hands of the Enrichment Coordinator and PTA/PTO. We believe every community is unique, and therefore every program should be, too. We work with you to build a balanced program, but you decide how many sessions, how many classes, which classes, which Providers, how long to open registration, whether to use EM's on-site support service etc. Our role is to implement the ideal program as YOU define it.
Enrichment Matters Classes = Choicescandy2
With over 400 classes in our Provider Catalog, you have lots of choices for what works best for your program and students. Mix and match old favorites with new or unusual options to create a vibrant, dynamic program. You'll recognize many of our Providers, as well as find some new ones who will soon become favorites, too! And, EM is happy to work with your teachers and parents who wish to offer a class only at your school. For our Coordinators, shopping our Provider Catalog is like being a kid in a candy store!
Enrichment Matters Streamlines Program OperationsProcess
24/7 access for parents, Coordinators and Providers ensures that all the information you need is at your fingertips on demand. Our automated system reduces work for parents, volunteers, Providers and school staff. The fully integrated system disseminates information to parents, registers students for multiple classes, processes payments, and generates all necessary rosters and reports.
Enrichment Matters Adds a Layer of Protectionstronger together ropes
Nothing good comes without risk. And enrichment is no different. There will always be risks to sponsoring an enrichment program for your students. But Enrichment Matters works with you to minimize those risks by collecting background check information about Instructors and certificates of insurance for Providers. And we act as a third-party mediator, if needed. We would never say that partnering with us prevents all potential problems. But we can say that we work to protect your organization, your volunteers and your students.
welcome1Enrichment Matters Is Already In Your Area
Many schools in your neighborhood already work with us. And we are constantly growing, welcoming new Member Schools, as well as new Providers. Feel free to reach out to any of our current Member School Coordinators to ask them about their experience with EM. Give your students, parents and volunteers the same great experience that our current Member School communities enjoy. You're always welcome!
Enrichment Matters...because it doesjoinushand
We invite you to join Enrichment Matters because....enrichment does matter.  It matters to students, to parents, to schools, to Providers, and to us. That's why we are also a founding partner of Empowering Enrichment, a non-profit whose mission is to get more kids into more classes. We believe it matters to you, too. So, let's work together on making your enrichment program the best it can be for your community. Join us.